Certified Cyber Security Ninja (CCSN)

Course Features
  • Most Advance Ethical Hacking Course
  • Beyond Simple vulnerability assessments
  • Wide variety of Advance topics
  • New Challenges and Updated technology
  • Hands-on Practical training Sessions
  • Progressive learning methodology
  • Prestigious Ethical Hacking Certifications
  • World Class Instructors

With the tremendous growth of the internet, complex security problems have become prevalent for governments and private companies. Intruders and hackers illegally enter databases and web servers to steal, damage or spread unwanted programs.

Conventional technological and managerial controls are insufficient to detect system weaknesses. Ethical hacking provides a solution to protect a network’s infrastructure.

Ethical hacking refers to the process of entering a computer system employing the same tools and techniques of a hacker, but without the intention of stealing or damaging the system. The goal of an ethical hacker is to evaluate the target system’s security, report any inherent vulnerabilities to the owner and to offer solutions to remedy the problems.

Certified Cyber Security Ninja (CCSN) is a revolutionary new certification in the field of information security. This specialized certification assures potential employers and customers that you have a level of advanced knowledge to detect and offer support for some of the most advanced security vulnerabilities. Our training goes beyond simple port scanning and vulnerability assessments.

CCSN is a one-month training program for amateurs and professionals to help you gain the skills you need to become an expert in the field of information security. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics that include compliance standards, forensics and penetration testing. Our content is updated regularly in accordance with the requirements of this dynamic industry.

We offer a set of standard courses outlined in different information security domains. For our candidates with more diverse backgrounds and requirements, we also offer customized courses and content.

The CCSN is the only completely hands-on, real world oriented security certification. You will be trained by a group of professionals who have worked on prestigious international projects, presented at leading security conferences around the world and written numerous books and articles.

Course outline ( 150 Hours ) :

  • Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking and CCSN
    • This module will contain all basic & Advance Methodology followed by Hackers & IT Security Experts. Will cover all basic Terminologies & Carrier after CCSN.
  • Module 2: Basic Programming and Operating System
    • Basic programming Languages ie. HTML, PHP JAVASCRIPT, SCRIPTING & Basic knowledge about NETWORKING. This module will teach you to use and work on LINUX and WINDOWS operating System. These are Pre-Required Knowledge that students will learn within CCSN package. Labs of Module 2 Will include Hands on Practice on Scripts, Web Development and Linux OS.
  • Module 3: Cyber Crime and Cyber Laws
    • Module 3 is all about Types of Cyber Crime & IT Acts . This Module will cover Indian Cyber Laws and dedicated effort to make the internet more secure. Labs in this session will include Real world Case Studies.
  • Module 4: Information Gathering
    • Footprinting or Information Gathering is a term which means collect the information about the target. In this lesson you will learn about some advance techniques of information gathering and the kinds of information, A hacker or Penetration tester Looking For. Every Technique here will be practically demonstrated by our Trainers in Labs.
  • Module 5: Proxy Servers and Anonymity
    • Privacy is the number one issue facing by internet users. In this lessons you will learn to use Proxy Servers, Anonymity Techniques, Various Tools, Tunneling & VPN usage and Concepts.
  • Module 6: Scanning & Enumeration
    • Scanning refers to pre-attack phase when the hacker scans the network with specific information gathered. This Module will cover all topics like Scanning Methodology, Types & Techniques used. Labs of this module will include Hands-on Practice on NMAP and Various other More than 10 BACKTRACK Scanning Tools & Techniques. There will be Labs on Prevention Techniques also for Server/System Admins from Scanning.
  • Module 7: Cryptography & Steganography
    • Cryptography is used to hide information from unauthorized users. This Lesson will cover all Theoratical & Practical of Encryption/Decryption Types and Techniques. You will learn about all Encryption Standard , Digital Certificates & Cryptographic Attacks. Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages . This Part of Module will teach you methods to inject the secret information into Photos,Music files or Other Files Practically in Labs.
  • Module 8: System Hacking & Security
    • System Hacking is breaking into computer systems, frequently with intentions to alter or modify existing settings. This Complete session will be demonstrated by our Trainers in Labs to make you sure about Concepts. This module will include various types techniques that can be used to Hack a System. Also CCSN provide you knowledge about the Security & Counter measurements to Prevent your Servers and Systems from malicious Hackers.
  • Module 9: Trojan , Stealers & Backdoors
    • Traojans/Backdoors are the program that appears legitimate, but performs some illicit activity when it is run. We here will teach you all types of such Trojans/Stealers/Backdoors and Their Working. Labs in this session will include Trojan Worm Creation , Making then Undetectable by Antivirus tools & Performing a Hack attack using these.
  • Module 10: Email Hacking & Social Engineering
    • If you Ever wonder how hackers actually hack into any email account ? This Lession is goint to Give each and every possible solution of this Question. Labs in this Module will cover all demonstration of Email and Accounts Hacking & Prevention Techniques. Second Part, of this Module is Social Engineering, the Art of manipulating people to bypass technology-based security mechanisms. History of Hacking Include lots of Great Examples, Huge Security Breaches using only Human Hacking based on Social Engineering Techniques only.
  • Module 11: Website & Server Hacking Techniques
    • This module is divided into 3 parts, First Web Application Hacking Techniques Using Various Web based Vulnerabilities. Second Part include Methods used for Server Hacking ie. Rooting process and Using Exploits. Third Part is Network based attacks to Compromise a Server or Network. You Will Get Practical Knowledge and demonstration about all above mentioned Techniques. This module is Updated to latest Technology used by Penetration Testers/ Hackers. Students Will do Hand-on Practice in Labs in controlled real time scenarios.
  • Module 12: Wireless Hacking and Penetration Testing
      • Wireless Networking, Types, Detailed introdution to various wireless Terminologies and Understanding Working of various Wireless Encryptions. In labs of this lesson a CCSN student will learn practically to crack Wireless Encryptions and Prevention Techniques. The Complete Demostration will have various real World scenarios to clear the Advantages of Wirelss Hacking.
  • Module 13: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
      • Vulnerability assessment means finding the vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing means focused attack using discovered Vulnerabilities. It is must for an administrator to know every possible weakness of every hardware and software on the network. This Lession will make you able to Work as Penetration Tester in Industry. Labs will include Practical Demostration of Best Frameworks from Backtrack OS, ie. Nessus, Nikto, w3af , Acunetix and Most Important 'Metasploit Framework' also.
  • Module 14: Reverse Engineering
      • Another Wide and Most important Feild of IT Security 'Reverse Engineering' is inclulded in CCSN training. Goal of this module is to Reverse Study to understand the Operating system, Software or Hardware which helps to find vulnerabilities & identify, dissect and analyze malwares & Cracking Softwares etc. Labs will Demostrate best Reverse Engineering tools of Trade, such as IDA Pro, OllyDbg etc. Malware analyse techniques will be also part of this module.
  • Module 15: Firewalls, IDS and Honeypots
      • Here CCSN Students will learn to Use Firewalls, IPtables, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Honeypots installation/Configuration to Prevent Server/Networks from Hackers attack, to Detect the Hacking Attemps and also to trace down the Evil Hackers. Theoratical & Practical Lectures will make you understand that How to hardning the Server & Network Security against Hacking Attempts.
  • Module 16: Computer Forensics and Incident Management
      • Computer Forensics seeks to provide an accurate representation of extracted data, find out the truth that How was it lost? What was lost ? What are my obligations concerning the loss ? . Incident Management is the process of restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible. This lesson will teach about Data Extraction & analysis for Evidence Processing. This part of CCSN is best for being Cyber Crime Investigators.
  • Module 17: Miscellaneous Hacking & Security Techniques
      • We have an Extra special Module called 'Miscellaneous Hacking & Security Techniques' .In this chapter our trainers will Revise latest Technical papers, Presentation and New Age technology which are presented by various Top level IT Security Experts and Hackers from All over World.

CCSN professionals receive hands-on training with immediate field experience. We offer comprehensive quizzes and assessments at the end of each session assure that you have fully mastered each lesson. In addition, we have incorporated a progressive learning methodology to aid you in the mastery of utilizing techniques and tools of newer challenges and updated technology.

Batches for CCSN

'The Hacker News' providing Two Types of Certified Cyber Security Ninja (CCSN) Batches with limited Registrations in order to provide best Training Quality and Personal Interaction between students and Trainers:

  • Regular Batches
      • Total 10 Registrations/Batch and 3 Hours per day lectures will continue for 50 days ie. total 150 Hours Training Course.
  • Fast Track Batches
      • Total 8 Registrations/Batch and 6-8 Hours per day lectures will continue for 20-25 days ie. total 150 Hours Training Course.

Note: Interested Students have to Register before to confirm their Seats. We can Modify Course Timing according to student need if possible. Paying Guest (P.G) , Hostel and Flat facility is easily available for students in South Delhi.

Hands on Practice

Certified Cyber Security Ninja (CCSN) course comes with a custom-built practical labs specially designed to clear up concepts, reinforce techniques, and make you comfortable with the tools of the trade. Here are the hands-on exercises you'll get to do like:

  • Advance Scanning using Nmap
  • Vulnerability assessment using Nessus, Acunetix , W3AF
  • Exploiting with Metasploit and Armitage
  • Implimentation of Web Application Firewalls
  • Cracking Wireless Encryptions and Networks
  • Backtrack 5 Enabled Labs
  • Sniffing Network and Spoofing
  • Kill Servers with DOS and DDOS attacks
  • Installing and Configuring Honeypots and IDS
  • Playing with Exploits and Bots
  • Pentest using Android Mobiles
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Case Studies

Many companies are actively recruiting security specialists and this training will help to prepare you for senior technical and management positions in many industry sectors. We are so confident in the level of knowledge that you will receive through our training course.

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